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Cortlang Vacation Rentals has brought the most loving and enjoyable apartments where your fondest holiday memories will be created in one of our completely furnished beachfront apartments in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic’s El Pueblito of Paya Dorada.

Ultimate and Pleasing Facilities offered by us:

Home Living environment: – To make your Vacation Rentals more attractive and enjoyable, we provide a fun, safe, and hygienic home environment in our rentals vacation in Dominican Republic.

More for less: – We are here to serve you with more space, and more safety and fulfil your all requirements with more value

A spot for all: – We stand for diverse, distinctive, inclusions, family, and friends in our rentals around the beach which fills your soul with happiness and peace.

Heart touching views: – To provide you with the greatest and most distinctive views from your apartment that will make your day sparkle and your night pleasant like nothing else, Cortlang Vacation Rentals has chosen the nicest and most diversified places near a variety of beaches within our area.

Lower-Level Apt. 1A

  • Guests: 3
  • Size: 75m²

Prices start at: $45 per night (+taxes and fees)

Lower-Level Apt. 1B

  • Guests: 3
  • Size: 85m²

Prices start at: $45 per night (+taxes and fees)

Mid-Level Apt. 2A

  • Guests: 3
  • Size: 75m²

Prices start at: $50 per night (+taxes and fees)

Mid-Level Apt. 2B

  • Guests: 3
  • Size: 85m²

Prices start at: $50 per night (+taxes and fees)

Upper-Level Apt. 3A

  • Guests: 3
  • Size: 75m²

Prices start at: $50 per night (+taxes and fees)

Upper-Level Apt. 3B

  • Guests: 3
  • Size: 85m²

Prices start at: $50 per night (+taxes and fees)

Upper-Level Apt. 4B

  • Guests: 5
  • Size: 95m²

Prices start at: $70 per night (+taxes and fees)

High-quality Property

Every property we have to propose you corresponds to the all high standards of comfort and pleasant rest.

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Be sure that your booking is confirmed by us, as we are using extremely smart booking management system.

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Hundreds of satisfied visitors have stated their extremely pleasant impressions and you can check it yourself!

Scenes from El Pueblito

A great place to relax and make life-long memories  .


In our blog section we list special tours which you can experience together.

How We Work for Your Dream Destinations –

Our working process:-

  1. We have created refund deadlines, rules, and procedures that make it easier for you to choose Cortlang Vacation Rentals as your dream rental provider.
  2. We give you access to our vacation rentals apartment in Dominican Republic and benefits so that your vacations will be more exciting and fun.
  3. When you reserve your desired beachfront location in El Pueblito de Paya Dorada, Dominican Republic, via CortLang Rentals, you will receive additional benefits and discounts with each booking.

Why Choose Cortlang Vacation Rentals

An increasingly common alternative for typical hotel stays in vacation rentals. Why? Because they provide guests with the comforts of home while on vacation — along with excellent pricing! Forget lifeless hotel rooms; Cortlang Vacation Rentals provides you with unique accommodations and apartment to make your visits exceptional, like full oceanfront rentals apartment with exclusive beach access and city condominiums in premium buildings including stylish apartments for lone travelers on business, warm cottages for romantic breaks, and roomy, apartment for small families. There are better places to stay that can accommodate your demands and personal traveling preferences in the Dominican Republic’s El Pueblito of Paya Dorada.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vacation Rental Apartment?

A furnished apartment, home, or professionally managed resort-condominium complex is rented out to visitors on a short basis as an alternative to a hotel as a vacation rental. The US is where the phrase “holiday rental” is most used. Self-catering rentals, holiday houses, holiday lets (in the United State), cottage vacations (for renting smaller lodging in rural areas), and gites are additional words that are used (in rural locations in France). In Europe, notably the UK, as well as Canada, vacation rentals have long been a popular holiday choice. They are also growing in popularity elsewhere.

Why do people choose vacation rentals Apartment?


One of the main factors driving the rise in the popularity of vacation rental apartment is this. You can cut costs! You may prepare your own meals, do your own grocery shopping, and set aside money for all the trips and sightseeing you want to do.


At hotels, rooms may often accommodate up to 4 guests. There is very little personal space available and it might be crowded. On the other hand, vacation rentals apartment might provide many rooms or a whole property, enabling a family or big group to remain together. You get additional space, and it’s frequently more economical.